Some assembly required, printable parts and dynamic scale objects for rapid prefabrication deployment. Free 3D Models/(CAD) and associated designs by Jonathan Riggs. Coming soon.

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Printable Prefabricatable Designs at: - A 3D/(CAD) Models Directory, © 2013 is provided by Go Craftalize!™ "as is" without implied or stated fit for purpose unless published files are located within a section of this or a partner site that states a verified usability date with associated documentation and is accessed by you exclusively through our apps. Check the More Information section under published works (Directory Information) for "as of" verified usability dates and evidential videos with DOT PDF documentation. Created & Curated by: Jonathan "Fustachio" Riggs. Verification by: Jessica "Kilynn" Riggs(Ex-DAZ3D QA). Please note! This site uses images for previewing objects that maybe blocked from loading by your ad-blocking software, Please disable all ad-blocking on this site for a maximized experience. This site is an ongoing project a "work in progress" sorry about the mess, please bookmark and subscribe above for updates.
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